About Gideon

High School Information

Gideon will graduate in 2019 from Gateway College Preparatory School in Georgetown, TX. Gateway, a public charter school, has been nationally ranked in Washington Post's top 100 most challenging high schools in the nation (2016 data). 

Academic Performance

Gideon has an unweighted GPA of 3.8 and has taken the following AP Courses and AP Exams: Human Geography and World History. Gideon was accepted into the Duke TIPS Scholar program in 2013 and is inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars. 

Gideon plans to study nursing in college. 


Gideon has progressed through the ranks of Boy Scouts of America, and has been involved with the organization since first grade. He is currently a Life Scout, working on his Eagle Scout Rank. Additionally, Gideon is the Vice President of Gateway's Key Club. 


Gideon has shown a dedication to citizenship and service through several volunteering opportunities including:

Baylor Scott & White Hospital Internship

Key Club

Boy Scouts of America

Storm Lacrosse summer camp volunteer 

Athletic Accomplishments


  • Three year Varsity starter
  • Best of TX 2017

Cross Country

  • Varsity Regional Qualifier 2017

LAX Stats 2018

Spring season (2018)

  • Goals: 28
  • Assists: 32

2018 Regular Season - Midi

vs. TMI 8-11

2018 Regular Season - Midi

vs Central Catholic 19-8

2018 Regular Season - Midi

vs  McNeil 11-18

2018 - Regular season - Midi

vs. McCallum 16-6

2018 Regular Season - Midi

vs. Alamo Heights  17-0

2018 Regular Season - Attack

vs. Rouse  5-3

2017 Summer - Team: Storm

Offensive Midi

2017 Summer - Team: Storm

Face off

Highlights 2017 Showcase

Best of Texas Showcase 2017